Africans in Boston is committed to connecting the different African communities in the state of Massachusetts by enriching community members lives through: programs, services, and events that educate, entertain, and foster business relationships.

AiB partners with local African community organizations such as ZANE ( Zambian Association of New England), Kenyans in Boston, Chadians in Boston, Ethiopians in Boston, Somalis in Boston, Nigerians in Boston, Ghanaians in Boston, Tanzanians in Boston, Moroccans in Boston, Ugandans in Boston, Cameroonians in Boston, South Africans in Boston, Egyptians in Boston, Cape Verdeans in Boston, Congoleses in Boston, Ivorians in Boston, Senegaleses in Boston, Guineans in Boston, Sudaneses in Boston, Algerians in Boston … and more.

AiB partners with South African Airways, Teranga Restaurant, Karibu Restaurant, Lucy Ethiopian Café, Sarah Technologies, Cosmos Big Guest Hotel … and acts as a catalyst for business investment.

Africans in Boston is the link between the Diaspora and the continent by bridging the gap between Africans and the World.