Comprehensive list of African organizations in Massachusetts

AiB partners with local African community organizations such as ZANE ( Zambian Association of New England), Kenyans in Boston, Chadians in Boston, Ethiopians in Boston, Somalis in Boston, Nigerians in Boston, Ghanaians in Boston, Tanzanians in Boston, Moroccans in Boston, Ugandans in Boston, Cameroonians in Boston, South Africans in Boston, Egyptians in Boston, Cape Verdeans in Boston, Congoleses in Boston, Ivorians in Boston, Senegaleses in Boston, Guineans in Boston, Sudaneses in Boston, Algerians in Boston … and more.

Africans in Boston
Manager: Voury Ignegongba, Tony Ansah
Contact #: 617-418-9149

African Bridge Network
Manager: Emmanuel Owusu
Contact #: 617-600-8132

African Community Economic Development of New England
Manager: Abdul Yassin
Contact #: 617-412-6845

African Community Education
Manager: Kaska Yawo
Contact #: 508-459-2584

African Community Health Initiatives
33 Mount Vernon Street – Second Floor – Boston, MA 02108
Manager: Dr. Oluwatoyin Olubiyi
Contact #: 857-753-4886

Afrian Food and Peace Foundation
Manager: Martha Dolben
Contact #: 978-595-2373

Africa Potential
Manager: Dan Darko
Contact #:

AfriMed Network
GEO: Gene Hartigan
Contact #: 617-480-0255

Manager: Marlon Solomon
Contact #: 617-910-9750

Anike Foundation
PO Box 435, West Boylston, MA 01583
Manager: Segun Ige
Contact #:
Boston Pan-African Forum
Manager: Joyce Hope-Scott
Contact #: 617-630-0146
Congolose Genocide Awareness
Contact #: 781-763-7272

Culture To Culture
Manager: Bridget Nambouh
Contact #: 781-513-6564
Community Caring Clinic
Manager: Mohamed Abdullahi
Contact #: 617-541-1829

PO Box 380144, Cambridge, MA 02238
Manager: Dora Agyare
Contact #: 617-600-8064
FACE Africa
Manager: Saran Kaba Jones
Contact #: 617-922-9572
Ghana Association of Greater Boston
P.O. Box 540122 – Waltham, MA 02454
Manager: Kobena Bonney
Contact #: 617-398-0643
Manager: Sesay T. Johnson
Contact #: 508-203-7760
Intercontinental Science Foundation
Manager: David Nnyanzi, Herbert Kibuuka
Contact #: 617-640-2589
Maine Access Immigrant Network
237 Oxford Street – suite 25 A Portland, ME 04101
Manager: Christian Bisimwa, Sarah Lewis, Mahamoud Barre
Contact #: 207-331-6134
NABA Boston
P.O. Box 961945 – Boston, MA 02196
Manager: Ike Okonkwo
Contact #: 617-445-6222

National African Community Organization
Manager: Unknown
Contact #: 617-424-7890
Senegalese Organizaton of Massachusetts Inc.
P.O. Box 190372, Roxbury, MA 02119
Manager: Mountaga Sar

Shalupe Foundation
Manager: Fifi Mule Baka
Contact #: 781-267-5461

Somali Development Center
10 Malcolm X Blvd, Roxbury, MA 02119
Manager: Abdirahman A. Yusuf
Contact #: 617-522-0700

South Africa Partners
Manager: Mary Tiseo
Contact #: 617-443-1072
West African Research Association
BU African Studies Center – 232 Bay State Road – Boston, MA 02215
Manager: Caroline Johnson
Contact #: 617-353-8902
Zambian Association of New England
Manager: Paul Bulaya
Contact #: 617-820-4906