Intro to AiB

    There are no upcoming events at this time.

    Translation services are offered through our African Language Center. Experts can provide services in language translation and interpretation.

    The “Book of List” is a comprehensive directory of all African-owned businesses in the Greater Boston and then in the state of Massachusetts.

    AiB partners with local African community organizations such as ZANE ( Zambian Association of New England), Kenyans in Boston, Chadians in Boston, Ethiopians in Boston, Somalis in Boston, Nigerians in Boston, Ghanaians in Boston, Tanzanians in Boston, Moroccans in Boston, Ugandans in Boston, Cameroonians in Boston, South Africans in Boston, Egyptians in Boston, Cape Verdeans in Boston, Congoleses in Boston, Ivorians in Boston, Senegaleses in Boston, Guineans in Boston, Sudaneses in Boston, Algerians in Boston … and more.

    Hakuna Matata Sundays is our monthly social mixer & networking event. It is aimed towards a diverse group including Africans and friends of Africans ( students, young professionals, entrepreneurs, business people, etc.)

    AD Net ( African Diaspora Network) is our guest speaker series event. Guest speakers include scholars, professionals, government officials, entrepreneurs, business people, students that address African affairs and topics pertaining to the Diaspora and Africans on the continent.

    The “Boston 30+ College Initiative” consists in connecting all the head of African studies department, scholars, heads of African student organizations and clubs form the Boston 30+ schools to share information and communicate efficiently.

    The AIB Review is a now monthly publication featuring business spotlight and members in the community sections

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