Bastille Day 2017

The 14th of July, 1789 was a phenomenal day in the history of France, because the storming of the Bastille prison signified a flash point in the French revolution. This historical day is especially monumental because it signifies to French people the importance and power behind the unified strength of the citizens. The day celebrates “Liberty, Equality and Fraternity” which are the tenets of the republic, hence patriotic pride rather than political history of the day.

Celebrations around the world unite the French people in their shared patriotic passion, in their love for their culture and their history. From Canada, to the Phillippines, French people commemorated the day with their own French traditions.

Boston was not left out of the joyous celebrations of the day, as French people, French speakers and French lovers sauntered the street in front of the French Cultural Center. The day was marked with music, food and networking.

The day was attended by the French Consulate who brought along their families and friends to network and enjoy the significant day with everyone.

Teranga Restaurant, a Senegalese restaurant had a busy stand, bustling with people trying their delicious food for the first time, and with their faithful customers coming back over and over again for more. Teranga Senegalese Restaurant at 1746 Washington Street, Boston, MA 02118 has an array of delectable West African cuisine which excited the tastebuds on a culinary journey of palatable excellence.

Teranga Restaurant at Bastille Day

The restaurant was one of the best patronized of the night, with lines forming almost from the very start of the night’s festivities at 6pm, to deep into the night, being the last stand to still be serving customers warm food.

Wine, cheese, jambon et formage (ham & cheese) sandwiches, the giggles of happy children with Tricolore painted faces, and the hearty laughs of full bellies filled the streets with warmth and the celebration of the festive day.

The sweet smells of fresh warm Belgian waffles wafted and embracing the throngs with mouth-watering goodness.

Other food and drink were presented by Mr. Crepe serving fresh tantalizing crepes. Lavoile a French brasserie located on Newbury Street, Boston and Beacon Street, Brookline. Bastille Kitchen in Boston’s Fort Point district, reminiscent of bistros found along the Parisian streets.

Bar Boulud, a French inspired bistro and wine bar known for its French menu and New England dishes. New England’s own Wilson Farm was also present with farm-fresh cheeses and breads.

The night’s mainstage was headlined by French soul singer-songwriter, Ben l’Oncle Soul, who mesmerized the crowd with his rich soulful voice and got the crowd moving with his smooth sound.

Ben l’Oncle serenading the crowd with his enthralling sound

Prior to Ben l’Oncle taking the stage, the crowd was warmed up by Senegalese Daby Toure. Daby Toure, a singer and songwriter with an amazing sound and a unique global perspective. Living between Montreal and Paris, and being of Senegalese descent, the artist astounds his audiences with a powerful ethereal voice, talented finger work on the strings of a guitar, and captivating stage presence. He engages the crowd in call and response, they to join in, creating finger work on the strings of a guitar, and captivating stage presence. He engages the crowd in call and response, they to join in, creating an electrifying atmosphere.

Daby Toure

Daby Toure had some CDs on sale, where he signed copies for fans, and took pictures with adoring fans who were in love with his sound.

AiB Communications Manager Flossy Azu with Senegalese Artiste Daby Toure


It was a beautiful and cool night filled with warm and experiences to be repeated next year, and AiB was glad to be a part of the momentous day.

Author: Flossy Azu, AiB Communications Manager




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