Hakuna Sundays


Hakuna Sundays

Hakuna Sundays is our monthly social mixer & networking event.  Join us for good food, drinks, and meet fellow Africans, friends of Africans – both professionals and students.

  • This monthly event is aimed towards a diverse group including Africans and friends of Africans ( students, young professionals, entrepreneurs, business people, etc.)
  • This event has been held approximately every other Sunday since September of 2011 but will be held going forward one Sunday a month starting December 2015.
  • This networking event allows members to create personal and professional relationships.
  • This event is held at different venues around the greater Boston area, primarily in Cambridge and downtown Boston.

For Upcoming Hakuna Sundays Events

Please check out the calendar on our Events page for upcoming monthly Hakuna Sundays dates & times.

Hakuna Sundays Contacts

For more information regarding our Hakuna Sunday events to either 1) host us 2) attend 3) or sponsor, please contact:

Leonard Tshitenge, Director of Events : L.Tshitenge (at) africansinboston.org

Askia Hanson, Director of Programs : A.Hanson (at) africansinboston.org