Hakuna Sundays at Suya Joint Nigerian Restaurant on October 22nd 2017

Boston, Massachusetts – 10.26.2017
On October 22nd, Hakuna Sundays took place at Suya Joint Nigerian Restaurant located at 185 Dudley Street in Boston. A eclectic crowd of 30+ from places such Malawi, Algeria, US, Chad, Niger, Mali, Ghana, Togo, Congo, Nigeria, Senegal, Jamaica, Haiti, the Dominican Republic and France attended the event. Namalimwe Ward Councillor Getrude Chirambo from Malawi was among the guests as she was visiting Boston to garner support for a Senior Center initiative in her district in Malawi. The event gave an opportunity to Diaspora members and area residents to enjoy various appetizers, meals and drinks on the Suya Joint restaurant menu. It provided also an opportunity to meet venue owner Cecila Lizotte who is an inspiring entrepreneur.