Voury Ignegongba – President, Chadians in Boston

Voury Ignegongba is a Chadian-American business man and real estate developer who founded Africans in Boston in 2010. A son of a diplomat, Voury was born in N’Djamena, Chad and grew up in Central and Western Africa (Cameroon, Mauritania, Niger, Mali) where he attended the local international French schools.

Voury was exposed to a broad range of countries and culture at an early age including France, the United States, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Cote d’Ivoire and Nigeria. In 1995, upon graduation with honors from the “Lycee francais Liberte” of Bamako, Mali … Voury moved to Washington, DC to pursue his undergraduate education before joining McGill University in Montreal, QC where he completed a B.S. in Electrical Engineering in 2000.

Voury then went on to spend the next six years in Boston, MA where he worked for technology company Teradyne, Inc. and got promoted with an assignment in Japan where he resided for one year living in Kumamato and Tokyo. In 2009 Voury established Makumba Estates, a Real Estate development and investment firm based in Cambridge, MA. He serves as the firm CEO. Ignegongba also serves as President  of Chadians in Boston.

Africans in Boston Inc. is an organization that fosters the socio-economic and educational development of its members by offering a platform that connects the African Diaspora in the greater Boston area and in the state of Massachusetts. The organization provides various resources to its members. From 2014 to 2016, he spearheaded the launch of “Sarah Technologies” an Internet and Telecommunications start-up based in N’Djamena, Chad that provides internet, consumer electronics, and telecommunications equipment products and services and established it as the “go-to” location in N’Djamena. During that period, he also helped with marketing and renovation efforts at “Cosmos Big Guest House” hotel in Moursal, N’Djamena.

Voury speaks English, French, Spanish, Japanese and Mundang and believes in sustainable development (i.e. education, access to water and electricity for African communities in general and Chad in particular).

Voury has a strong interest in IT/technology, entertainment (music, dance, film), karate. He has volunteered and mentored young-adults at Year Up Boston and New York City for over 3 years and has been involved with philanthropy work by raising funds for WGBH Educational Foundation.