Audiofrica Music App Launches

Music is a beautiful part of African culture and lifestyle, hence, a lot of Africans have cultivated a passion for, and find joy in music. Sharing in the music that unites Africans, across the globe, is the vision behind Appsfrica,’s mobile music App and online music platform, Audiofrica.

The first of its kind, Audiofrica is a music platform which brings Afro and Afro-Caribbean music from well known and beginning artists to its listeners. Being fully comprehensive, engaging and easy to use, the app possesses a number of unique features in its design. Not only does it contain a plethora of music, and podcasts, it also allows its users to stream music videos, and utilizes both text and voice search features.

Audiofrica is the go-to app for live streaming thousands of African radio stations, to listen, buy, and download songs and albums as well as chat with artists and other users.

The nonprofit arm of the app, Audiofrica Cares will be giving a portion of generated revenue to feeding the homeless, both in the local communities and in Africa. Speaking on this venture, the founders touched on the spirit behind AudiofricaCares, the victims of the Sierra Leonean civil war, many of whom still struggle today.

Getting to be a part of the star studded Launch Party night at the Hibernian Hall, AiB enjoyed performances and music by CodeWine Deejays


AiB Communications Manager, Flossy Azu and Executive Director, Jeff Siaw with a few of the founding members of Audiofrica


Author:  Flossy Azu, AiB Communications Manager