AiB visit to A.U. mission, World Bank/IMF Annual Spring Meetings and dinner with UPAC members in Washington, DC

Voury Ignegongba and Jeff Siaw

Washington, DC – Wednesday April, 19th 2017

Jeff ( Africans in Boston Executive Director) and Voury Ignegongba ( Africans in Boston President) were in the nation’s capital  on Wednesday April, 19th 2017 to attend a Diaspora gathering with the Chairperson of the AU.  Due to scheduling conflicts, the gathering was cancelled at the last minute.

Jeff and Voury spent the day in Washington DC attending seminars at the World Bank and the IMF as Africans in Boston was invited to the Annual and Springs Meeting ( i.e. Driving Digital Financial Inclusion in Africa with great panelists… ) –…

Later in the evening, Africans in Boston had dinner with UPAC Chairwoman Sade Oshinubi and UPAC Partnership board member John Manirakiza in Georgetown.

Jeff Siaw, Voury Ignegongba, Sade Oshinubi, John Manirakiza

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