AiB inks new partnership with Wave

Boston, Massachusetts – 11.30.2017

On Nov 20th 2017 , AiB  Executive  Director Jeff Siaw sat down with Wave Ghana Director Of Growth Jessica  Wamala to discuss partnering up to support Africans in the diaspora. The conversation centered around remittances and  how the wave app could make that process fast and cheap for Africans in the US, Canada an the UK.

Wave  is an App that helps send money to Ghana, Kenya. Uganda and Tanzania. Within thirty seconds the recipient can pick up the money at a mobile money location in their home country. In Ghana recipients must be MTN or Tigo users to be able to receive the money transferred.

Today over 100,000 diasporans choose wave to send money to Africa since competitors like Western Union, Moneygram and Vigo charge the sender a higher fee.

Wave will be giving first time users a $5 bonus when they use the Africans in Boston promo code “AiB” during the process of their first money transfer.